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Great Presentations, Inc.

One-on-one Coaching for Emerging Leaders


"Preparation is the key to a great performance."
Sir James Gleason


Do you need help preparing for your next presentation? How about that big summation in front of the jury?


Great Presentations, Inc. optimizes the talents and skills of high performers and leaders already in senior roles, as well as identify and nurture the needs of the next generation of emerging leaders as an integral part of achieving an organizationís vision, mission and bottom-line goals. Owner, James Gleason is a communications professional and has over 30 years' experience as an actor, director, writer, and presentation coach. He works one-on-one with his clients. His first step is to work on the "concept of the presentation". He, then, records his clients in his state-of-the-art recording studio. This is a great way for you to polish your presentation skills.

James also offers video taping services so that you see, first-hand, the results. This bullet-proof, method works!!! You will feel more confident and ready to deliver - Great Presentations!


Below are a partial list of Great Presentations, Inc's services:

  • Maximize your presentation by using highly effective coaching tools - video and audio.
  • Help you make clear choices to improve your presentation by focusing on your vocal and physical delivery.
  • Minimize nervousness and inspire you to become more creative and confident.
  • Help improve communication style.
  • Work in a positive and supportive environment so that you can function at your highest level.
  • Prepare and rehearse for presentation excellence.

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